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Sew Exciting!

Happy Tuesday to all of you beautiful people!

Guess what the boy gave me last week? This!!!


I have been wanting one so he surprised me with it on Friday after work! Isn’t he great? I feel a mixture of fear and excitement! I am so giddy I have a sewing machine so I can hem my own clothes and perhaps even make some pieces for myself… but I have also never used a sewing machine in my life! 

I did my fair share of research, though, so hopefully my first project will be a success. I settled on making a tote bag, because it seems like a fairly easy yet satisfying starter project. I went out to Jo Ann Fabric’s last night and picked out these:


In other news, I just finished watching Season 4 of Doctor Who on Netflix. I don’t want to give away any spoilers for those of you who haven’t watched it yet, so let’s just say I had to treat myself to an English Sticky Toffee Pudding from the British bar nearby in order to be able to cope with that finale! I had this dessert over the weekend when I had lunch there and fell in love. It’s so delicious… it tastes like Christmas! I must learn how to make this. Oh England… your culture is so amazing!


I am also on the verge of completing several crochet projects and will be posting about them soon! Stay tuned!



Mandala Madness

Hello beautiful people!

I got the organization and crafty bug last night! I came home from work and cleaned out my nightstand. It’s incredible what treasures and junk accumulated in my drawer. I also pulled out an old magnetic spice board that I wasn’t using and thought it would be perfect to store my crafting knickknacks. But the cold, metal look wasn’t doing it for me , I so covered it with fabric, using a hot glue gun. This is the result:


Doesn’t Petunia make a great model?

I had also stopped by the library to pick up a new book. I usually use my Kindle, but I’m trying to save some money, so there’s nothing better than a free book. I am a super fan of Harry Potter and have always meant to read J.K. Rowling’s other, non-Potter book – The Casual Vacancy – but somehow never got around to it. I heard it’s completely grown-up and nothing like Harry Potter. We’ll see!


As for crochet… I am happy to say I challenged myself last night! I printed out a pattern for a Mandala. I chose to use 4 different colors, as you can see, which match the color pattern in my bedroom. This will be a nice addition to my night stand! I only got to row 8 out of 17, even though I spent a lot of time working on it. I tried really hard to perfect all the different techniques, like seamless join, color switching, and even learned a new stitch – the spike stitch! This is the pattern I am following.


But tonight I have to be good and finish a shawl I have been working on since forever. I can’t wait to wear it!


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