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Dogventures at the Beach

I’m not sure how I had been getting away without sharing all the cuteness that my pets bring. And by cuteness I also mean disaster, chaos, mayhem, and hilarity. I created a new menu option titled “CUTE,” where you’ll find all pet-related posts!


So here we are.


This past weekend I took my dogs to the dog beach. Talk about disastrous fun! None of them liked the ocean…

-Gnocchi bounced left to right continuously every time a wave approached and followed me around the entire time. He also rolled A LOT on wet sand. 

– Tulipa greeted every human on the beach and avoided all the wet, sandy dogs and then curled up in a towel for the rest of the day. 

– Mango… oh Mango…. Mango ran into the bushes across the street from the beach. We had to lure him out with a treat a very kind stranger gave us. He was kept on the a leash the rest of time and put *one* paw in the water. 


They all got baths at home. Now they’re fluffy and smell of lavender! They also got some of the treats I baked for them over the weekend for being so cute and funny.


[And please note Gnocchi’s very elegant paw-cross. If these dogs didn’t look so much like dogs, I’d think they’re human!]


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