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Sew Exciting!

Happy Tuesday to all of you beautiful people!

Guess what the boy gave me last week? This!!!


I have been wanting one so he surprised me with it on Friday after work! Isn’t he great? I feel a mixture of fear and excitement! I am so giddy I have a sewing machine so I can hem my own clothes and perhaps even make some pieces for myself… but I have also never used a sewing machine in my life! 

I did my fair share of research, though, so hopefully my first project will be a success. I settled on making a tote bag, because it seems like a fairly easy yet satisfying starter project. I went out to Jo Ann Fabric’s last night and picked out these:


In other news, I just finished watching Season 4 of Doctor Who on Netflix. I don’t want to give away any spoilers for those of you who haven’t watched it yet, so let’s just say I had to treat myself to an English Sticky Toffee Pudding from the British bar nearby in order to be able to cope with that finale! I had this dessert over the weekend when I had lunch there and fell in love. It’s so delicious… it tastes like Christmas! I must learn how to make this. Oh England… your culture is so amazing!


I am also on the verge of completing several crochet projects and will be posting about them soon! Stay tuned!



Bunnies Make me Hoppy!

I don’t think I’ve ever expressed my unhealthy obsession over bunnies. Well, I love, love, loooove bunnies! I used to have 5 amazing bunnies (Bubbles, Muffin, Cotufa, Peanut, and Bunnito), who lived until the age of 6-8 and died of a nasty virus called e.cunniculi. They were amazing and I miss them everyday. I do plan on adopting a pair of bonded bunnies in the future, because I don’t feel complete without having bunnies in my life.

Which is surprising that I never crocheted anything bunny-related. Until today, that is! I started this little guy Friday night and just finished assembling him this morning!





Look at that poofy tail! He was fairly easy to complete, just required meticulous work. This was my first time assembling different parts of a project. I am very pleased with the result!

I plan on making an entire basket of them, in all sorts of bright colors!

Here is the link with the pattern: The Green Dragonfly.

Happy Sunday!



Special Delivery!

Happy day-before-the-long-weekend!

I came home to the most wonderful surprise of all!


I had ordered Deramores Special DK Stylepack from the Deramores website a few weeks ago and it has finally arrived! 



These are majestic! Looks at all the beautiful colors! I had a very exciting, challenging, and time-consuming project in mind when I purchased these: a lovely granny square blanket! I’m still having trouble deciding on the granny square pattern I want to use…decisions, decisions!



The other piece of good news is that I finally finished my mandala! I chose to leave out the last two rows on the pattern because I thought it looked much nicer this way.


Not too many leftover scraps!


I have been very busy with work stuff lately, which leaves very little time to crochet, which makes me very sad! I am hoping that after this weekend, my crochet activities will resume full-force!

For my American readers, what are your plans for this 4th of July weekend?


Weekend Project Upgrade

Happy Monday to all!

How’s my weekend project, you ask? Not complete! But it’s ok! It just means that it upgraded from my weekend project to my rest-of-the-week project! Here is what it looks like so far:


I used 11 colors for the front and then realized that it wasn’t enough to cover the cushion, so I will add one or two more. I also started working on the back. My idea was that I would do te reverse color pattern from the front, but I decided to add more colors to the front after I started working on the back. I’ll have to figure something out. It’s such a beautiful pattern that I’m sure whatever I do will look great.

On a different note, there is a good reason why I didn’t finish my weekend project. Meet Juniper.


We adopted her this weekend! She is about 3 months old. She was living in the streets of Miami, was captured by a shelter, spayed, and was about to be re-released as a feral cat. We couldn’t have that happen! 


She is such a cutie and has the sweetest temperament. She has fit in very well with our other cats and spent the entire night running around and playing with them! We are very happy she is part of our family! Welcome home, Juniper! 



Puppies & Project Progress

What a rainy day this was! I snuck out to the dog park before the downpour started to let the dogs run around a bit. It has been difficult to take them consistently these past few days because it’s been torrentially raining every evening after work, and no one wants muddy dogs! Especially not four of them!
They were so happy and tired!


So after they ran around and got all their energy out, I spent the rest of the day working on my weekend project and I made tons of progress!


And before I leave you to enjoy the rest of your Saturday night, I would like to share a very inspiring quote that was sent to me today. It’s through our struggles that we all become the special and beautiful people we are!



Happy Weekend!


Cushion Challenge

Friday is finally here! Every friday evening, I browse through the internet to decide on a “weekend project.” The rule is that I have to complete it by Sunday night (which didn’t work well last week, but who’s keeping track?). During my lunch break at work, I was snooping around  Attic 24 when I found a beautiful, colorful, to-die-for cushion tutorial! As I said before, I am looking to challenge myself a little more each week so I can really master the art of crochet! 

This is the tutorial.

And this is what my cushion will look like:

Photo credit to Attic 24

Photo credit to Attic 24

Naturally, I stopped by Jo Ann Fabrics after work and did some yarn damage! Taking advantge that Caron Simply Soft brand was 50% off (YAY!) I bought several colorful skeins for this project (and others, as well). 


Also, as I promised myself, I spent some time working on my shawl last night. I put it down for one second to go to the kitchen, and when I came back, I walked into this lovely scene:


I assume they were trying to help but they forgot to use a crochet hook.

I will keep you posted on my weekend project! Wish me luck!


A Berry Coralful Inspiration

Lately, I have been very drawn to two colors in particular – Coral and Berry. These colors remind me a lot of summer because they’re bright and fruity! 




They also remind me of more elegant and sophisticated shades of pink and purple.





I am looking forward to completing some very exciting crochet project involving these two colors!


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