Bunnies Make me Hoppy!

I don’t think I’ve ever expressed my unhealthy obsession over bunnies. Well, I love, love, loooove bunnies! I used to have 5 amazing bunnies (Bubbles, Muffin, Cotufa, Peanut, and Bunnito), who lived until the age of 6-8 and died of a nasty virus called e.cunniculi. They were amazing and I miss them everyday. I do plan on adopting a pair of bonded bunnies in the future, because I don’t feel complete without having bunnies in my life.

Which is surprising that I never crocheted anything bunny-related. Until today, that is! I started this little guy Friday night and just finished assembling him this morning!





Look at that poofy tail! He was fairly easy to complete, just required meticulous work. This was my first time assembling different parts of a project. I am very pleased with the result!

I plan on making an entire basket of them, in all sorts of bright colors!

Here is the link with the pattern: The Green Dragonfly.

Happy Sunday!




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