Weekend Project Upgrade

Happy Monday to all!

How’s my weekend project, you ask? Not complete! But it’s ok! It just means that it upgraded from my weekend project to my rest-of-the-week project! Here is what it looks like so far:


I used 11 colors for the front and then realized that it wasn’t enough to cover the cushion, so I will add one or two more. I also started working on the back. My idea was that I would do te reverse color pattern from the front, but I decided to add more colors to the front after I started working on the back. I’ll have to figure something out. It’s such a beautiful pattern that I’m sure whatever I do will look great.

On a different note, there is a good reason why I didn’t finish my weekend project. Meet Juniper.


We adopted her this weekend! She is about 3 months old. She was living in the streets of Miami, was captured by a shelter, spayed, and was about to be re-released as a feral cat. We couldn’t have that happen! 


She is such a cutie and has the sweetest temperament. She has fit in very well with our other cats and spent the entire night running around and playing with them! We are very happy she is part of our family! Welcome home, Juniper! 




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