Cushion Challenge

Friday is finally here! Every friday evening, I browse through the internet to decide on a “weekend project.” The rule is that I have to complete it by Sunday night (which didn’t work well last week, but who’s keeping track?). During my lunch break at work, I was snooping around  Attic 24 when I found a beautiful, colorful, to-die-for cushion tutorial! As I said before, I am looking to challenge myself a little more each week so I can really master the art of crochet! 

This is the tutorial.

And this is what my cushion will look like:

Photo credit to Attic 24

Photo credit to Attic 24

Naturally, I stopped by Jo Ann Fabrics after work and did some yarn damage! Taking advantge that Caron Simply Soft brand was 50% off (YAY!) I bought several colorful skeins for this project (and others, as well). 


Also, as I promised myself, I spent some time working on my shawl last night. I put it down for one second to go to the kitchen, and when I came back, I walked into this lovely scene:


I assume they were trying to help but they forgot to use a crochet hook.

I will keep you posted on my weekend project! Wish me luck!



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