Bright Colors!

So, remember this?


It turned into this:



 The little penguin looks dapper and is ready for his journey to Maryland to meet a very special little boy! I made it for my best friend’s son, because learning to crochet means I get to spoil him with cute gifts.

 Now that this mini project is done, I have several others in the works. Some of them will take time (forever!) because I’m still not a quick crochet-er (what do you call someone who crochets?). One of my favorite parts of starting a new project is picking out yarn colors. Since my skills aren’t too great yet, I’m not investing in any expensive yarn. Lately my inspiration has been bright colors!


These colorful skeins will turn into little owl keychains I am making as gifts for some special people in my life. I also have plans to work on a granny square  blanket to cover my Queen-sized bed. I keep talking myself out of doing this because the task seems daunting, but I also know how accomplished I’ll feel once I do it. All of these are Sugar n’ Cream brand ($1.99 each at Michael’s).


And these pastel-looking skeins are on their way to becoming a tricolor chevron throw. I also thought that the sparkly gray yarn would add a nice pizzaz to the blanket… something unexpected yet fancy!

I also spent some time training my youngest pup today. Baguette learned “down.” I have so much fun watching him get what I’m trying to teach him! He’s a smart little one! The picture came out a bit blurry because there was a lot of bouncing, excitement, and celebration! I always use positive training… I have gotten excellent results with my other dogs and not only do they learn faster and well, but they also build such a trusting bond with me. 


 Now off to crochet I go!



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