Kale Chips

One of my co-workers brought this delicious recipe to the office one day and I’ve been obsessed ever since. Strangely enough, I find these kale chips to be a healthy replacement for popcorn during a movie or a TV show marathon! And a bunch of kale is inexpensive – I bought 3 for less than $5!





* 1 Kale bunch

* Salt or garlic salt

* Olive Oil





1. Remove kale leaves from stems and wash and dry them well

2. Break kale into smaller pieces

3. Spray a cookie sheet with olive oil (you might need two, depending on how much kale you have)

4. Coat kale leaves with olive oil 

5. Sprinkle salt or garlic salt on the kale leaves

6. Equally distribute the kale leaves on the cookie sheet so that there is only one layer of leaves

7. Bake for 10-12 minutes. NOTE:  Stay near the oven during the baking process…the leaves can burn very quickly!








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