This is one of my all time favorite recipes! I see it as a sister recipe for the Beijinho because it’s basically the same mechanics, but you just substitute two ingredients. Like the Beijinho, this is also a typical treat you would see at a Brazilian birthday party, and kids and adults will fight over these! They are usually gone within 5 minutes!

Brigadeiro is the Portuguese word for “brigadier,” and was apparently named so after Eduardo Gomes (an Air Force Brigadier), who was running for presidency in Brazil in 1945. Apparently, his followers threw parties to promote his candidacy, and would serve these little treats to engage more voters. It became known as “the brigadier treat” until it was shortened to “brigadier.” Even though Eduardo Gomes lost the election, the Brigadeiro stuck around and it is probably the most popular Brazilian dessert. 


[See? When you visit The Edible Complex you get to learn new recipes and about World History! Win-Win!]




Tray: a medium pan



* 1 can – condensed milk (I prefer Nestle)

* 1 tablespoon – butter or margarine

* 3 tablespoon – chocolate powder (I use Nesquick)

* Chocolate sprinkles


Preparation: Add condensed milk and butter/margarine to a medium pan and cook on low heat for 10 minutes after the mixture begins to boil. It is important to continuously mix as it’s cooking so it doesn’t clump. When it’s done, it will be thick and will unstick from the bottom of the pan as your run the spoon through it.

Pour mixture into a buttered plate and let it completely cool. You can also refrigerate the mixture to speed up cooling process. 

Assembly: While cooling, add chocolate sprinkles to a bowl. Once the mixture is cool, roll mixture into small balls, and coat the ball with chocolate sprinkles so it completely covers it. 


Tips and Tricks: 

– When you are rolling the mixture into little balls, it helps to rub a dab of butter/margarine on your hands (as you would with hand lotion), as this prevents the mixture from sticking to your hands.

– Once the Brigadeiros are assembled, I refrigerate half of the batch and leave half out. This is delicious both cold or room temperature. It will also last longer if you refrigerate it.

– Check out the Beijinho recipe for a reference of what the mini cupcake cups should look like when compared to standard cupcake cups. 


As you can tell, I love bite-sized desserts! There is something very elegant and classy about them! And it doesn’t hurt portion control either!


Hope you enjoy this!



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3 thoughts on “Brigadeiro

  1. Mike September 23, 2013 at 2:21 pm Reply

    These are amazing!! Make sure to have a glass of milk ready!!

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  3. Let them eat cake! | The Edible Complex October 1, 2014 at 2:32 pm Reply

    […] my go-to chocolate batter (can you tell I just love it?) and made brigadeiro icing for it. Remember this recipe I share last year? Well, I just added milk to make the consistency more […]

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